Everything Is Always Over

Roberto A. Ferdman had an excellent post this morning on Wonkblog about a Williamsburg bagel company serving rainbow bagels, and becoming super popular by doing so. Putting aside that a rainbow bagel is an abomination and should not be permitted to call itself a bagel, the most interesting part of the post for me is the indignant reactions of Williamsburg residents lamenting the effect that the bagel store (called The Bagel Store) has had on the neighborhood. And no, as Ferdman points out, it is not long-time Hasidic Jewish residents complaining.

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You Must Be Mad Or You Wouldn’t Go To Then She Fell

According to its websiteThen She Fell is an “immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll and just 15 audience members per show”. That sums up the show, which I saw last night, better than I could. I will add that it is enjoyable and disorienting and that its probably impossible to discuss it without referring to Sleep No More.

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