What To Watch On TV 2015

There is too much good television these days and it’s almost impossible to keep up with what is on and when it starts and if you should watch it or not.

The idea here is a list of cable and streaming series to watch, ordered chronologically by premier date. For returning series it is easy to decide what makes the list. For new series, it’s always going to be hit or miss. Shows will be added and possibly subtracted throughout the year.

The letters after the channel show if earlier seasons are available for streaming onYkiZiACkmazon Prime,Huluulu Plus or 3ohmlq2rqnur0ajbydi8etflix. HBO series are only available for steaming on HBO Go and Showtime series are available on Showtimewtime Anytime.

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Fifty-Seven Thousand Channels

On the way to answering why HBO can’t be like Netflix, at least right now, I gave a little history about broadcast network television in the US. When we left off, there were three networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — and HBO, plus a bunch of TV stations not affiliated with the networks.

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Why Can’t HBO Be Like Netflix?

“Why can’t HBO be like Netflix?” That is the question a friend asked me the other day. She was annoyed that she couldn’t subscribe to HBO without having a cable subscription. I started to explain it to her but it got very complicated and the more I spoke and thought about it the more I realized I couldn’t answer it easily.

The topic of television and Netflix and HBO and streaming and  broadcast and cable and so on is all very complicated. I decided maybe its better to start from the (sort of) beginning and go from there.

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Top Ten TV 2013


As it’s December and as I watch a lot of television and since I have ten fingers, it only makes sense that I post my Top Ten List for television in 2013.

You will note that there are more than ten shows. That’s because basing everything on multiples of ten is silly. I have listed the shows I thought were great this year as well as the shows I thought were merely very good and then other shows I enjoyed. Since I don’t watch much network television, I have only listed cable shows (and Netflix).

Don’t forget to also check out my post on Top Ten TV Odds and Ends.

The list is in chronological order of when they premiered in 2013. I enjoyed all these shows and I think you should watch them all. Most likely, you already have.

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Top Ten TV 2013 Odds and Ends


First of all, there is no Top Ten List because I don’t believe in them and because I can do what I want. I do have a Top Ten TV 2013 post coming later this month but until then I have some leftover thoughts that didn’t make it into that post.

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Heroes on Television


When I was thinking about Call the Midwife the other day, I thought about how I had difficulty enjoying the show at first because it felt too earnest. I have become used to series being cynical about goodness. One of the things that stands out in Call the Midwife is that the main characters are good, as are many of the supporting characters. Even the woman who steals an infant from another mother is not evil but is instead traumatized from having to give up her own child. It made me wonder what has happened to me.

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Sex on Television


Yesterday I had a post about nudity on television. I was inspired after seeing a post by Alyssa Rosenberg and particularly a video to which she linked. I am happy with the way the post turned out and while I was thinking about it last night I realized that although I had written the post I intended to write, I had missed Alyssa’s point in her post, which is summed up below.

Sex itself doesn’t actually appear that interesting to most prestige television shows. And there’s still a sense that more explicit–and more realistic–sex scenes constitute pornography in a way that might cause prestige TV to get stripped of its “art” designation. But that should be a challenge, not a closed door.

I wrote a post on my feelings about nudity but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex, at least on television.

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Nudity on Television


Alyssa Rosenberg had a post today with a video from CollegeHumor about HBO’s double-standard with regard to nudity on Game of Thrones. While the series has featured plenty of female nudity (some of it even non-gratuitous), the only male nudity that comes to mind is a brief full frontal shot of a naked character who, outside of his home, is not considered sexy. There are a number of issues about nudity on television.

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Who’s Medium Is It Anyway?


It is a given that people who post things on a subject are almost always defending their priors. I’m lucky in that I post when I want to, about what I want to and the only thing at stake for me is the time it takes to do so. I don’t have to write a minimum number of posts each day or reach a certain word count. What this means is that I don’t have to strain to attribute meaning to post by others and then write about how they are wrong.

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Movies versus TV, plus the Emmys


Today I read an article by David Haglund on Slate about how TV is not better than the movies. (Thanks for the link, Matt Yglesias.) The article is worth reading but Haglund’s main point can be summed up in the following quote:

So while the best movies come from an intimidating diversity of sources, and present a similarly wide range of aesthetic approaches and aims, the best TV shows tend to come from three or four American cable networks and frequently follow a familiar model.

Now my prior before I read the article is that TV is indeed better than movies but I’m afraid that Haglund has a point with which I can’t disagree. In fact, I felt stupid for ever thinking that TV was better than movies. However, I still prefer TV and I’ll tell you why.

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