Transparent Season Two

Transparent S2

Amazon has mostly produced series that are okay, with the exception of Transparent. Season one was as good as any series on television and made us hope that Amazon would produce other new series which were better than okay. With the possible exception of The Man in the High Castle, Amazon is still lagging behind the other streaming services. However, Transparent is back for a second season and I’m sure it is also excellent. Watch it all.

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Jessica Jones Season One


I’ve never read a Jessica Jones comic so I have to idea what to expect from this series. However, it looks like almost everyone likes it, especially how the series deals with victimization. Jessica Jones, along with Orange is the New Black, is one of Netflix’ best series.

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Master of None Season One

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So Aziz Ansari is funny, right, but are we going to watch a sitcom with him as the main character? Damn right we do! According to everyone, everyone, Master of None is excellent. Plus, it’s on Netflix so maybe you’ve already finished it. At least you can finish it in a couple of days. Watch it!

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The Returned Season Two


The Returned is actually Les Revenants, a French series that airs on SundanceTV in the US. It’s the zombie series you didn’t know you wanted. Since it’s French, it’s existential instead of violent. That’s an endorsement.

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Manhattan Season One

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Good series can come from anywhere these day. Manhattan comes from WGN America, a channel you many not be aware that you have. If you aren’t sure if you have WGN, don’t worry. The full season is available on Hulu. Check it out.

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The Knick Season Two

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I was late on season one of The Knick, partly because there were so many other things to watch. Eventually, critics like Matt Zoller Seitz wore me down and I dove in. It was well worth it. The Knick is probably the best directed series on television — all by Steven Soderbergh — and features excellent performances, particularly from Clive Owen and André Holland.

Will season two be as good? Soderbergh, Owen and Holland are all back. Sounds promising.

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Manhattan Season Two

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Alright, so you didn’t watch the first season when it aired. Me neither. But I caught up by bingeing season one on Hulu. I hope you did also. The season may have dragged a little in the middle (didn’t someone swallow plutonium) but it finished strong and left me wanting more. Well John Benjamin Hickey, Olivia Williams and Ashley Zukerman are back. Watch it!

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Fargo Season Two

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Admit it. You didn’t think there was any way that season one of Fargo would be any good. You thought it was a terrible idea that wouldn’t work, but it did work. Now the question is, can they do it again or will this series go the way that True Detective did in its second season? (I’m required to compare the two series as they are both anthologies.)

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The Walking Dead Season Six


I’m not sure there’s anything new to say about The Walking Dead. We all watch it and we all think it’s not that great except for the times when it is really great. (“Rick. Do it.”)

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The Affair Season Two

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The first season of The Affair seemed to promise a lot and deliver little. It never justified its use of multiple, often conflicting, viewpoints and didn’t take advantage of an outstanding cast. Have the writers learned anything from the failings of season one? We shall see.

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