Jessica Jones Season One


I’ve never read a Jessica Jones comic so I have to idea what to expect from this series. However, it looks like almost everyone likes it, especially how the series deals with victimization. Jessica Jones, along with Orange is the New Black, is one of Netflix’ best series.

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Master of None Season One

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So Aziz Ansari is funny, right, but are we going to watch a sitcom with him as the main character? Damn right we do! According to everyone, everyone, Master of None is excellent. Plus, it’s on Netflix so maybe you’ve already finished it. At least you can finish it in a couple of days. Watch it!

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BoJack Horseman Season Two

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Is it possible that an animated series with an anthropomorphic horse as the main character is one of the best shows on television? It is if you count Netflix as television. If you haven’t already, you can binge both seasons of BoJack Horseman. Take a few days and do so.

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Orange is the New Black Season Three

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Orange is the New Black is the best series on Netflix, and it’s really not even close. All thirteen episodes of season three arrived on June 12 and whether or you binged it all over that weekend or you are taking it slow you can always come here and read the reviews and recaps.

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Bloodline Season One

Bloodline is the latest series from Netflix. The good news is that it’s better than House of Cards. The bad news is that it isn’t the second great series from Netflix (after Orange is the New Black).

Still it’s compelling, and Ben Mendelsohn is charming and disturbing at the center of the series.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season One

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the new series from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, creators of 30 Rock. So the new series is on NBC, right? Nope. NBC is so terrible at launching comedies these days that it sold the series to Netflix. So NBC loses, but we win, which is fine.

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House of Cards Season Three


No matter how mediocre House of Cards is, we will all probably still watch it because we already subscribe to Netflix and we can watch the new season over a weekend (or a night). Will Frank Underwood have a worthy adversary in season three? Will Claire Underwood satisfy her ambitions? Will journalism still be poorly portrayed? We only have to wait until February 27.

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The Fall Season Two

Are you tired of serial killers, especially those that victimize women? Yeah, me too. However, the first season of The Fall was so tense and compelling that I had to finish it. (It probably helped that it was on Netflix and I could finish it right away.) The Fall is back for a second season and I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

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Television and the Internet

So in the first two parts, I gave a short history of broadcast network television and then a bit about the rise of cable. We are inching closer to why HBO can’t (or doesn’t want to) be like Netflix. But before that, there are a few other things to discuss.

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Fifty-Seven Thousand Channels

On the way to answering why HBO can’t be like Netflix, at least right now, I gave a little history about broadcast network television in the US. When we left off, there were three networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — and HBO, plus a bunch of TV stations not affiliated with the networks.

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