I Can’t Stand Here Feeling Bad That I Don’t Feel Worse

The headline to this piece was originally intended to be used on a piece about The New Republic last year. After Franklin Foer resigned (was forced out) and a number of senior editors also resigned in protest there were a number of sites which ran posts about the end of The New Republic. Of course it wasn’t the end. The New Republic is still going and the people there are churning out great stuff (as are the writers who left).

I thought of the headline (which comes from Broadcast News) because there seemed to be too much premature eulogizing. Publications and websites come and go, was what I thought, and the most talented people end up finding new places to work. It was easy for me to feel that way because I never worked at TNR, didn’t know anyone who worked at TNR, and rarely read TNR. I wasn’t losing anything.

Today ESPN announced that they are shutting down Grantland. Today I am losing something.

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The New FiveThirtyEight

Credit: FiveThirtyEight

If you read my pre-launch post about the new FiveThirtyEight then you know that I was interested in seeing what Nate Silver and his team came up with. I can’t say that I was a regular visitor to the old site other than in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election but I did check in periodically to see what was going on. (The New York Times paywall may have had something to do with this.) Silver launched his new site a week ago, which means it’s time to assess how it’s doing.

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The Fox

Credit: FiveThirtyEight

So Nate Silver is getting ready to launch the new FiveThirtyEight. What are he and his team doing over there? What’s it going to be like? Who is Nate Silver? I have the answers.

Also, see my posts on other new ventures, The Upshot and Vox.com. It’s a great time to be a rider on the information superhighway.

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Hitting The Paywall

Today is March 13 and I have reached my monthly limit on free New York Times articles. Now I am thinking about paywalls and featured content and how people want everything online to be free even if that doesn’t make any sense.

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