Everything Is Always Over

Roberto A. Ferdman had an excellent post this morning on Wonkblog about a Williamsburg bagel company serving rainbow bagels, and becoming super popular by doing so. Putting aside that a rainbow bagel is an abomination and should not be permitted to call itself a bagel, the most interesting part of the post for me is the indignant reactions of Williamsburg residents lamenting the effect that the bagel store (called The Bagel Store) has had on the neighborhood. And no, as Ferdman points out, it is not long-time Hasidic Jewish residents complaining.

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Snow Days

Thanks to co-workers who heroically came into work last week even though they were hacking, coughing and sneezing, I have the fortune/misfortune of being home sick today. The good news is that I won’t be distracted from today’s snow storm by things like meetings, e-mails and phone calls. I will be home all day to watch the storm and, assuming I don’t fall asleep, documenting it throughout the day.

9:00 am


This is how it looks at the start of the day. There is some leftover snow from the weekend but it’s not much. I was hoping for everything to be covered in white.

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Tired and Bored Aug 14 ’13

NYC - Gowanus Canal and Union Street Bridge Wally Gobetz via Compfight

The Gowanus Canal

When I first moved to Brooklyn in the early Nineties, I rented an apartment not too far from the Gowanus Canal. I was told that it was hopelessly polluted and advised to stay away from it during the summer when the smell could be overwhelming. At the time, Smith Street was a dividing line between “safe” Carroll Gardens and the seedy neighborhood around the canal that hadn’t yet been named Gowanus. Full disclosure: I don’t know if the Gowanus neighborhood was actually seedy as I never ventured into it.

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My Problem With Time Warner Cable

Hurricane Sandy, the next morning in DUMBO Barry Yanowitz via Compfight

The building my wife and I live in in Brooklyn only has one option for high speed Internet; Time Warner Cable. I may as well say that it has only one option for Internet as anything less than high speed is unthinkable. We need to be able to connect two computers, two PlayStations, two cellphones and a tablet, and we need for everything to be available right away on all of those platforms, and usually more than one at the same time. So we are stuck with Time Warner Cable and Time Warner Cable is failing us.

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Thanks For Nothing, Dale Talde

On Saturday night I was forced to waste over two hours waiting in the bar area at Talde, Dale Talde’s restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We waited for over two hours because we showed up relatively late on a beautiful Saturday night and Talde does not take reservations. Oh, and we waited because I wasn’t going to leave without having the Korean Fried Chicken.

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