Yolk in the Grace Building Plaza

Chances are that by the time you read this you will have already missed the performances of Yolk in the Grace Building Plaza on the southeast corner of 43rd Street and Sixth Avenue in New York City. But, if you are reading this today, April 8, then you have two more days to catch it.

Here’s a description of Yolk from the Arts Brookfield website:

Set against the bustle of midtown Manhattan, Yolk is part time capsule and part hidden treasure, offering meditative movement and saturated images of ready-made goddesses transforming within a fragile shell.

Yolk features two dancers, each inside an egg-shell. At the beginning of the performance, the dancers lay still inside the eggs and slowly start to move. I don’t want to spoil what happens –although it would be difficult to precisely describe anyway– but the show is mesmerizing and ethereal, and there are moments of tension and release that are surprising in a performance so restrained.

Note that today’s performances were in the lobby of the Grace Building instead of the plaza due to the rain, so I can’t say how things will be different on Wednesday or Thursday if the performances move to the plaza. While today’s performances included pedestrians on 42nd Street stopping to take pictures, I imagine that the outdoor shows will feature a lot more of the “bustle of midtown Manhattan”.


As I mentioned, the show will run for two more days, Wednesday and Thursday, with performances at approximately 12:30pm and 1:10pm.