86th Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are terrible at their stated goal of rewarding “the previous year’s greatest cinema achievements as determined by some of the world’s most accomplished motion picture artists and professionals”. As Linda Holmes pointed out in her post yesterday, what the Academy Award nominees and winners really tell you is what the predominantly white, male voters decide the narrative of the annual exercise is. That’s fine. The Academy Awards exist only to generate a narrative which people will repeat and debate and will lead to (from the Academy’s most hopeful point of view) people spending money on movies.

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Jennifer and Jack

Yesterday I speculated that now that Jennifer Lawrence has won a Best Actress Oscar that her career will begin to self-destruct. (I did hope I was wrong.) Then I saw this clip from after the Oscars. I now think that Ms. Lawrence will be just fine.

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Notes From the Weekend

Last night I was able to catch up on Girls, having not watched since “One Man’s Trash”. I continue to be impressed at the end of every episode, which confuses my wife. She likes the show but she doesn’t think its as great as everybody else (including myself) thinks. (I’m glad she doesn’t read my blog and is unaware of my praise of “One Man’s Trash”. In retrospect am I embarrassed by how much I praised that episode? Maybe a little. I still think it was great, though.)

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