I Can’t Fix You: You’re the Worst Season Two

The most interesting moment in season one of The Affair is when Alison asks Noah what he sees when he looks at her. It was interesting because I knew the answer: Noah sees someone he thinks he can fix. The idea that men always want to fix problems is often expressed in their romantic interests, and that moment was one of the few so far in The Affair that was meaningful and real.

That has been on my mind while watching You’re the Worst since Gretchen told Jimmy that she suffers from depression. Right away Gretchen asked Jimmy not to try to fix her. “You can’t fix me.” Of course Jimmy doesn’t believe her. In the next episode, Jimmy develops a plan for an entire day doing things that Gretchen likes so that she will snap out of her depression. The only thing that Jimmy accomplishes is forcing Gretchen to lie to him and tell him that his plan worked.

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You’re the Worst Season Two

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“There is horrible sadness and pain coming, and we’re inviting it in.” Beginning a relationship often requires a shared delusion of happily ever after. But what if you understand going in that it’s not likely to be that way, and you make the leap anyway? We may not be Gretchen or Jimmy but we’ve all been there. As the first season went on¬†You’re the Worst¬†became deeper than you’d expect. Now it’s ready for greatness in season two.

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