Top of the Lake Review

Credit: Sundance Channel

Almost immediately after Top of the Lake finished its run on the Sundance Channel, it became available on Netflix streaming. Based on reviews from the TV critics that I read regularly, I decided to watch the series and then write about it. Everything went well over the first two episodes; my wife and I watched an episode in the evening and I wrote about it the next day. Then came the weekend and we binged on the remaining five episodes, which means I can’t possibly do a post for each episode. All that’s left is my overall thoughts.

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Top of the Lake Episode Two

 Credit: Sundance Channel

My impression from the first episode of Top of the Lake is that the world of the series is not a pleasant place to be a woman. Episode Two reinforced that feeling and also added that it’s also not a pleasant place to be a dog.

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Top of the Lake Episode One

Credit: Sundance Channel

As with all of you, I don’t have time to watch every TV show to figure out which shows are good and which shows aren’t. I depend on people like Alan Sepinwall and the gang at the AV Club to give me a head’s up. Two months ago, it seemed like everyone was talking about Top of the Lake (from Jane Campion and Gerald Lee) as being something I had to watch. As I don’t have cable, I checked the Top of the Lake website to see if it was available by other means and the site said that I could buy episodes from Amazon. Cool. Only problem: the show wasn’t available on Amazon.

The good news now is that all seven episodes are available on Netflix streaming, and last night I watched episode one, entitled “Episode One”.

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