The Bridge Season Two

The Bridge
Credit: FX

The Bridge debuted last season on FX and it featured a fascinating setting (the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez) but was saddled with a super villain story that didn’t work. Season Two won’t feature a super villain, or at least not the same super villain, which should be an improvement. Whether The Bridge will go full into Andy Greenwald’s preferred Weird Bridge remains to be seen.

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The Bridge Series Post Mortem

The Bridge
Credit: FX

I think my wife said best when I texted her that The Bridge had been cancelled: “It should be.” The Bridge had an interesting setting, the border between the United States and Mexico, and the idea that it is fundamentally unfair that lives on either side of that arbitrary line are very different. Yet the series never figured out a way to make its stories as interesting as the setting warranted. In the end, The Bridge was mostly about wasted potential.

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The Bridge The Crazy Place

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

Whenever the super villain storyline was put aside, The Bridge was a very interesting series. After the arrest of David Tate in “Take the Ride, Pay the Toll”, there were two episodes left in the season to remind us of how much more interesting the first season could have been if the writers had ditched the super villain storyline completely.

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The Bridge All About Eva

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

“Now that’s more like it”. This is not a quote from the episode but from me after the episode ended. If you’ve read my overnight reviews, you know I’ve spent plenty of time describing all the things that I think have been wrong about The Bridge.  It was so great at the end of “All About Eva” to feel like the writers had listened to me and decided to make the series that I wanted them to make.

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The Bridge Take the Ride, Pay the Toll

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

I’m happy that the Bridge Butcher is in custody so maybe The Bridge can move on from what became an unsatisfying storyline. Although there are only two episodes left in this season and FX has not made an announcement about a second season, I am still hopeful that The Bridge can become more like the show that I wish it would be rather than the show it has been. I found “Take the Ride, Pay the Toll” deeply unsatisfying but while I was falling asleep last night I did have an idea about the show, which I will share after I take some time to complain.

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The Bridge Old Friends

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

Why is one story about the death of a woman and her child more important than a million more interesting stories in El Paso del Norte? It’s a question that The Bridge has been unable to answer. Even more frustrating is that some of the more interesting stories have been part of the series; the different expectations depending on which side of the river you live on, Charlotte Millright and her tunnel, Steven Linder and his mumble, the sins of Marco’s past coming back to haunt him and Sonya’s inability to detect normal social cues. Also on display in “Old Friends” was more of what has possibly been more interesting than all that; Daniel Frye trying to redeem himself, with the help of Adriana Mendez.

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The Bridge The Beetle

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

Yeah, I don’t know either. I’m wondering now if The Bridge will just never be the show I want it to be. Maybe I need to accept it for what it is. “The Beetle” didn’t pay any attention to the larger, more interesting stories and instead focused almost exclusively on the cat-and-mouse between Detectives Ruiz and Cross and Kenneth Hastings/David Tate. I will finish out the season but if this is what the series is then I’m not sure that I’ll come back, assuming there is another season.

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The Bridge Vendetta

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

I had to double-check how many episodes are in the first season of The Bridge after watching “Vendetta”. Just as I thought; thirteen episodes of which “Vendetta” is the eighth. The reason I had to check was because “Vendetta” felt more like the penultimate episode of a season rather than somewhere in the middle. The Bridge Butcher has been identified and it seems like all is left is the endgame.

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The Bridge Destino

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

So he’s not the guy. Jack Childress is not the Bridge Butcher even if he bought the car that was left at Dr. Meadows’ house and even if he uses the word “dialectics” in his book. Childress is off his meds, whatever they are, and judging from his bathtub, he’s been off them for a while. In “Destino”, The Bridge wasn’t asking us to be interested in the super villain, it was asking us to be interested in ordinary characters.

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The Bridge ID

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

It’s only normal when watching one TV show to think of other shows. You think of how other shows dealt with similar situations and which was more successful. Sometimes you wonder if the writers of the show you are watching were influenced by the show that you are thinking of. This happened to me while I was watching Orange is the New Black and wondering if the writers had watched Rectify.

I am thinking of this with regard to The Bridge because I watched “ID” on the same night that I watched Broadchurch “Episode Two” and what was interesting to me in both was the way that a crime not only ripples out and effects everyone but also how people find different personal meanings and motivations in the same event. Continue reading “The Bridge ID”