Sons of Anarchy A Mother’s Work

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Although it didn’t always move smoothly towards its conclusion, full credit to Sons of Anarchy Season Six for being the most satisfying season of the show since its great second season. While it was clear that Tara was never going to take the boys out of Charming, it was still powerful when Jax told her to take care of their sons and when Jax saw the final consequence of his actions.

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Sons of Anarchy You Are My Sunshine

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Going into the final two episodes of this season of Sons of Anarchy, there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered. In the penultimate episode of the season, the only questions that were answered were the ones that I care least about; how the Sons are going to make the move out of guns. Everything else felt like it was being needlessly drawn out so that it could be dealt with in the finale.

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Sons of Anarchy Aon Rud Pearsanta

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Nothing personal. That’s what the episode title means in Gaelic. No doubt it was meant to be ironic. Just because taking out Clay and Galen was also good business doesn’t meant that it wasn’t personal, intensely personal for various members of the club, especially Jax. It was a long time in coming, probably too long as Tara said, but it had to be done. If Jax is ever going to move the club out of guns, then Clay and Galen had to go. Now Connor and Jax have to sell it to the kings.

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Sons of Anarchy Huang Wu

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It occurred to me watching the latest Sons of Anarchy that what I really care about in the series are the personal stakes for Jax and Tara and Gemma. This shouldn’t have been much of a revelation to me as the shows I tend to prefer are often concerned with existential issues like identity and purpose. I have watched every episode of Sons so far and while it has frustrated me I have stuck with it because ultimately I care about what happens to Jax and Tara and Gemma. (Also, I’ve come this far so why not finish it?)

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Sons of Anarchy John 8:32

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“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

I’m not a theologian so I can’t opine on whether the truth that is referred to in Christian mythology is about my truth, your truth, God’s truth or Clay’s truth. I understand that one of the maxims of Alcoholics Anonymous is that you are only ask sick as your secrets. There are a lot of secrets among the character of Sons of Anarchy. Some are secrets kept from us to increase tension but the ones that matter are the ones the characters keep from each other. Some of those secrets are told in “John 8:32”. It remains to be seen if anyone is set free.

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Sons of Anarchy Los Fantasmas

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If there is one thing that save the Sons of Anarchy over and over, it’s the unwillingness of people to betray it. Clay wouldn’t do it in prison even though the alternative was death. Otto wouldn’t do it in prison even though the alternative was worse than death. In this episode, Nero decides he would rather take the hit for selling the gun that was used in the school shooting than testify against the Sons. It is a significant show of loyalty towards a group of people who, outside of Gemma, have only brought him trouble.

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Sons of Anarchy Sweet and Vaded

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One problem with reviewing episodes week by week is that you may find yourself complaining about something not being dealt with only to see it addressed in a later episode. “Sweet and Vaded” seemed to be speaking directly to me as the club has to temporarily move its headquarters to Main Street Charming. Finally we get back to something that was an issue when the series began; How does Charming feel about the club?

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Sons of Anarchy Salvage

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“Salvage” is the name of the episode and I can’t be the only reviewer who thinks that the title could be applied to the season as well as to various things in the episode. Not that “Salvage” addresses every concern I have with this season (and the series as a whole) but I did think that for the most part the episode held together.

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Sons of Anarchy The Mad King

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I guess the greed of the Irish was not enough to overcome their racism. “The Mad King”  finds all of Jax’ plans falling apart and the only potential lifeline is an alliance with Clay. Jax told Nero that things would probably get worse before they get better and now that the clubhouse is destroyed, it’s hard to imagine things getting much worse. Unless you add in two sadistic prison guards forcing former spouses to have sex for their enjoyment.

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Sons of Anarchy Wolfsangel

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Maybe I’m going soft because I feel that “Wolfsangel” was a satisfying episode of Sons of Anarchy. Maybe it’s only because I have just returned from traveling abroad and am happy to have any of the normal comforts of home but “Wolfsangel” reminded me of the series that I liked before I became annoyed at how predictable it had become.

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