Sherlock Series Three

Credit: PBS

While I will watch and likely enjoy Downton Abbey, I won’t love it. With regard to British imports broadcast in the US on PBS, I save my love for Sherlock. Series three begins on January 19 and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Don’t despair if you are not current: the first two series are both available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here’s the BBC One preview of series three:

As with Downton Abbey, Sherlock already aired across the Atlantic. Beware of spoilers.

Here are some reviews of the new series:

Emily NussbaumTim Goodman, Willa PaskinMyles McNutt, Alan Sepinwall, Margaret Lyons and Andy Greenwald.

And the overnight reviews.

The Empty Hearse

Daniel Bettridge and Genevieve Valentine.

The Sign of Three

Daniel Bettridge and Genevieve Valentine.

Also Margaret Lyons about BFFs John and Sherlock and Denise Martin on a best man speech.

His Last Vow

Daniel BettridgeGenevieve Valentine and Alan Sepinwall.

Also Denise Martin spoke to Amanda Abbington.