The Knick Season Two

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I was late on season one of The Knick, partly because there were so many other things to watch. Eventually, critics like Matt Zoller Seitz wore me down and I dove in. It was well worth it. The Knick is probably the best directed series on television — all by Steven Soderbergh — and features excellent performances, particularly from Clive Owen and André Holland.

Will season two be as good? Soderbergh, Owen and Holland are all back. Sounds promising.

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The Knick

Unknown-3Credit: Cinemax

So Clive Owen is doing a TV series on Cinemax and every episode is directed (and filmed and edited) by Steven Soderbergh. That sounds like a pretty big deal, right? Evidently it is based on the number of reviews that I’ve linked to below.

Is The Knick any good? Does it mark the start of the transformation of television from a writer’s to a director’s medium? Will you ever get used to Clive Owen’s mustache? You can start deciding for yourself when it premiers on August 8.

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