The Affair Season Two

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The first season of The Affair¬†seemed to promise a lot and deliver little. It never justified its use of multiple, often conflicting, viewpoints and didn’t take advantage of an outstanding cast. Have the writers learned anything from the failings of season one? We shall see.

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The Affair

The Affair S1Credit: Showtime

There were two fall series in which TV critics were almost universal in their praise. The first was Transparent on Amazon, which debuted on September 26. The other was The Affair on Showtime. Featuring Dominic West (The Wire), Ruth Wilson (Luther), Maura Tierney (NewsRadio) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe). From Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem, who previously worked together on In Treatment, The Affair has the pedigree. Will it deliver? We will start finding out October 12.

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