Orphan Black Season Three

If there was nothing else to enjoy in Orphan Black other that Tatiana Maslany’s performance(s), they would still be enough to recommend the series. While season two was not as good as season one, we can hope the writers have figured out what to do better. The answer is likely more Maslany (although not as a man). Plus, male clones!

Orphan Black is back April 18 on BBC America.

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Orphan Black Governed As It Were Chance

Credit: BBC America

One of the best parts of Orphan Black is Sarah Manning’s growing sense of responsibility for people besides herself. When the series started, Sarah had been gone for some time, and was returning to get Kira. At that point Sarah cared about Kira, and cared about Felix and Mrs S to the extent that they could help her. When Sara sees Beth Childs kill herself, Sarah assumes her identity to see how much money she can get that she can use to take Kira away. How things have changed.

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Orphan Black Mingling Its Own Nature With It

Credit: BBC America

“Everyone settles.” I heard this once when one person responded to another person who suggested that the first person was settling in his choice of wife. (Left unspoken was the question about whether she was settling. She was.) I didn’t have much of a reaction myself as I take the concept that “everyone settles” to be a given. Of course no one can have everything their own way. Only fools wait for the perfect spouse, the perfect job, the perfect house. Life is more likely to give you disappointment. Learn to be happy with “good enough” and life becomes much easier.

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Orphan Black Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion

Credit: BBC America

I don’t know exactly what is going on in Orphan Black, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because none of the clones (or other members of Clone Club, like new member Art) really know what’s going on. If we had a clear grasp of what Dyad and the Proletheans were up to then it’d be easy for us to decide if Sarah and the other clones are making the right choices. As it stands now, we are as confused as they are.

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Orphan Black Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

Credit: BBC America

I have written before about how much I dislike it when shows feature a secret global organization with almost unlimited power and resources. It was the reason I stopped watching Revenge (the Initiative) and it’s the thing I dislike most about Scandal (B613). Yet, I really love Orphan Black and am not bother by Dyad or the Prolethians (the fish people). Why is that?

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Orphan Black Season Two

Credit: BBC America

One of the surprise shows of 2013 was Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany was amazing at playing a number of different clones, and sometimes playing one clone playing another clone. If I have one prediction for season two it’s this: There will be more clones.

Each week after an episode airs I will add the overnight reviews (recaps) here. Watch the episode, come here for the recap.

If you haven’t watched season one then get over to Amazon Prime and watch it. Then read the season one recaps by the excellent Caroline Framke.


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Catch Up On Orphan Black Season One

Credit: BBC America

A year ago most people had never heard of Tatiana Maslany and probably weren’t aware that she was starring in a series called Orphan Black. The sad truth is that there are still too many people unaware of Maslany and Orphan Black. Maslany gave the best performance(s) of last year and the series overall was almost as good.

The second season is starting April 19, which means you have plenty of time to watch all season one on Amazon Prime before season two starts. Watch the episodes, read the recaps linked below and it’s almost like you watched it last year.

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Orphan Black Endless Forms Most Beautiful

The Hive Recap: Endless Forms Most BeautifulCredit: BBC America

The excellent first season of Orphan Black finished over the weekend with “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. Some story lines came to an end and some new ones started and it was all dramatically reasonable. It was also delightfully nuts.

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Orphan Black Unconscious Selection

Credit: BBC America

Orphan Black has been one of the unexpected (pleasant) surprises of television so far this year. (Thanks, Tim Goodman.) Other than Maria Doyle Kennedy in a supporting role, I didn’t know any of the actors and I didn’t know the creators. What I found was an amazing acting job by Tatiana Maslany and a compelling and crazy series. There is only one episode left and I am going to miss it while I wait for season two to arrive.

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Orphan Black Entangled Bank

Credit: BBC America

After all the new information in last week’s episode, I would have understood if Orphan Black wanted to cool things off a little this week before the final two episodes of the season. And while “Entangled Bank” was not the crazy-fest that last week was, it still had plenty of action. I now don’t expect things to slow down at all until the season is over.

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