Low Winter Sun Ann Arbor/Surrender


So we finally reach the thrilling conclusion to what is likely to be the only season of Low Winter Sun. Will it always be fondly remembered, like another one season show Terriers? No. It will be remembered as a show that never figured out how to tell a compelling story. Everything is tied up in the final episode but our response is just a shrug of the shoulders. So what?

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Low Winter Sun Revelations

Credit: AMC

What do you call a show that has characters you don’t care about in situations you don’t care about? You’re right, it’s a trick question. There was a lot that happened in “Revelations”, but it wasn’t especially revealing and it wasn’t the end of the world. Instead it was just more of the same from Low Winter Sun.

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Low Winter Sun There Was A Girl

 Credit: AMC

I started watching the latest episode of Low Winter Sun, “There Was A Girl” and I started to believe. I began to think that the show was going to make sense and turn into a show that may not ever be a great show but at least wouldn’t be a terrible show. The case was getting more interesting. There were multiple simultaneous interrogations going on, the suspects with varying levels of competence in dealing with the police. I really thought it was happening. But no. This is Low Winter Sun and the writers are not interested in rising to competent. They are content to disappoint week after week.

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Low Winter Sun The Way Things Are

Credit: AMC

One of the problems with Low Winter Sun, maybe the biggest problem, is that the writers (now) seem to have an idea of where they want to get but they can’t figure out a compelling way to get there. “The Way Things Are” is probably the most satisfying episode so far in that interesting things happen. The only problem is that the dialogue is so poor and the actors are confined to such a limited range that we are never invested.

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Low Winter Sun Cake on the Way

Credit: AMC

So no, I don’t know either what the purpose of Low Winter Sun is. I’m not sure what it’s trying to say or what I am supposed to care about. I was grateful for a couple of things in “Cake on the Way”. I was grateful that Frank seemed to be enjoying himself for a change. And I was grateful that Frank didn’t go looking for Katya. Other than that, I didn’t find much to like.

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Low Winter Sun Catacombs

Credit: AMC

After the first three episodes of Low Winter Sun, I thought maybe this was just a bad show with a good show lurking inside of it, a good show that could come out eventually. After “Catacombs”, I’m not so certain. The problem with “Catacombs” is that it seems like the writers don’t have any idea about world-building, about creating a setting and characters that draw the audience in.

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Low Winter Sun No Rounds

LWS_103_AG_0514_0202sizedCredit: AMC

So for now I’m keeping up with Low Winter Sun. I’m waiting for it to be more than a collection of pieces I’ve seen in other movies or TV shows but it hasn’t gotten there yet. I’m still hoping that there’s a good show here trying to get out but “No Rounds” doesn’t do much to support my hope.

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Low Winter Sun Pilot The Goat Rodeo

Credit: AMC

Even though every review that I read for AMC’s new series Low Winter Sun agreed that it tried to hard to be seen as a serious drama, eventually I had to break down and watch it. Not that I expected to disagree but because I was curious to see what I thought of the show.

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