Louie Season Five


Louie may not always be the best show on TV but it may be the most daring. You can never predict where it’s going to go and even if it doesn’t always pay off, the journey is often better than what you see on other shows. What can we expect for season five? Anything.

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Louie So Did the Fat Lady

I am not a woman and I am not fat, which means I am not going to try to explain what “So Did the Fat Lady” got right or wrong about how fat women feel. There are no doubt already posts defending and posts criticizing Louis CK for what the character Vanessa says in the episode, because that’s what happens on the internet. What I can comment on is the double standard that I have helped perpetuate with regard to fat women.

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Louie Season Four

If Louie is not the best show on television then its only because it hasn’t been on television since September 2012. Lucky for us there has been plenty to watch, but the long-awaited season four begins on May 5.

I haven’t seen anything from the new season but I feel confident that there will be stuff that will make you laugh (of course) as well as stuff that will make you shake your head, will make you uncomfortable and will make you feel stupid for not noticing before. There’s no reason to feel stupid. Louis CK is a genius.

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