Credit: HBO

Looking is a new series on HBO about three gay friends in San Francisco. While the first season didn’t have the impact of some other HBO shows, it had enough moments of excellence (and enough critical buzz) to be granted a second season.

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Looking Season Two


Not very many people watched the first season of Looking but HBO cares less about ratings and more about cachet. Looking is the story of three friends in San Francisco who are also gay. Or maybe it’s about three gay friends in San Francisco. You should decide for yourself.
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Looking Looking in the Mirror

Credit: HBO

After falling behind for various reasons, I finally had a chance to catch up on the HBO series Looking this past weekend. What I found was a pleasant series that is not the series I expected from HBO given its premise (story of three gay men in San Francisco) but instead a series that operates between the mundane romantic problems of all people, gay or straight, and the problems specific to gay men. It feels like a canny move designed to make the appeal of Looking as broad as possible.

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Looking Looking For Now


Esquire recently received criticism for its piece on the new HBO series Looking. The piece fails not because it’s offensive, although it is, but because it’s not very funny. Then again, I’m probably not the target demo for the piece (or for Esquire in general) and maybe it was pitched perfectly for it’s intended audience. What is true about the piece is that it gets at something about Looking that I agree with, at least after one episode: This is not the HBO series about three gay men in San Francisco that you would expect. I think this is probably a good thing.

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