Halt and Catch Fire Season Two

HaCF 201

No, I didn’t watch the first season when it aired. Yes, I only watched the first season on Netflix when everyone talked about how much better the second season is. So why not watch the first season and then watch the current season and read the recaps?

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Halt and Catch Fire

Credit: AMC

AMC got off to a great start in original programming with Mad Men followed by Breaking Bad, and then had (and still have) a massive hit with The Walking Dead. Since then, things have not gone very well. Is Halt and Catch Fire, the new AMC series which debuts June 1, the next hit for the channel? As only one episode was sent to critics (and was also released early online) it’s impossible to tell.

Series Reviews

Matt Zoller Seitz, Tim Goodman, Mo Ryan and Todd VanDerWerff.