Girls Season Three

Credit: HBO

Lena and Jenni’s Attempt To Break The Internet, otherwise known as the TV series Girls, was back for its third season. I really enjoyed the first two seasons and the highest compliment that I can pay Girls is that the series feels necessary, which is not how I usually feel about series, even ones I love.

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Girls Season Four

So there’s a small show on HBO that you may not have heard of, unless you actually watch and read about TV, in which case you already know all about Girls.

What faux outrage will come from this season? We’ll see.
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Girls Only Child

Credit: HBO

Last week I wrote about a little about the difference between Hannah Horvath and Lena Dunham. This week gives an even better depiction of the difference, in the meeting between Hannah and her possible new publishers. Hannah talks about how she just writes and talks about anything and probably doesn’t know when to stop because she can’t help herself. Lucky for us, Dunham and Jenni Konner don’t have this problem.

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Girls Dead Inside

Credit: HBO

One of the things about Girls that seems to confuse people, even though it shouldn’t, is that Hannah Horvath and Lena Dunham are not the same person. (Note that I agree that they look similar.) “Dead Inside” is only the latest example that Hannah is not the same as Dunham.

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Girls She Said OK

Credit: HBO

Birthdays, along with holidays, are useful in television series because it’s the type of event that makes people take stock of their lives. The interesting thing in “She Said OK” is that Hannah’s birthday is not an occasion for her to be (more) introspective about her life. Instead we learn more about Marnie and Ray.

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Girls Females Only Truth or Dare

Credit: HBO

I assume that people who are not watching Girls at this point have either decided never to watch it or they still don’t have HBO. I think the series is brilliant and I want Lena Dunham to keep making the series until she decides its time to do more movies or another TV series, but I hope she keeps working for a long time. In the two episode season premier, there is a scene about a minute and a half into the first episode that is one of the best scenes the show has ever done.

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Girls Together

In my last post about Girls I wondered if Hannah and Adam getting back together would constitute a happy ending. I wondered at the time whether or not two people with such obvious issues could stay together without making everything worse. The problem was that I forgot how people actually get together: They find someone who can tolerate how crazy they are. (At least this is true in my house.) As it appears that Hannah and Adam are willing to tolerate each other’s crazy, I say yes, them being back together is a happy ending.

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Girls On All Fours

Last night the wife and I watched the most recent episode of Girls, “On All Fours”, and an already uncomfortable (and great) TV series became even more uncomfortable. And the strange part was that as the episode became harder to watch I only admired Lena Dunham more. I have gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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Girls One Man’s Trash

Last Sunday’s Girls played more like a short film than an episode in the already great series, and may be the best example yet of Lena Dunham’s genius.

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You Should Be Watching Girls

The second season of Girls started last night on HBO. Although I have not yet seen the episode (maybe tonight), I did have occasion to speak about the series at dinner last night with friends and while three of us really like the series, one friend can’t stand it.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, to be honest. I’ve had a look at my friend’s DVR queue and it is dominated by drama series from USA and TNT. I’m not judging her solely on that (after all, I enjoy Burn Notice) but on top of that she also doesn’t like shows like Parks and Recreation and Louie. So why does it bother me that she doesn’t like Girls?

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