Enlightened Agent of Change

Credit: HBO

The episode begins with an Amy voiceover and scenes of Krista preparing herself for childbirth, having her son and then holding him. It then shifts to Amy looking at her sea shell, a symbol of her rebirth. The voiceover is full of questions that Amy is asking herself, questions about the path that she has chosen. At the end of it, Amy asks:

Am I an agent of change or a creator of chaos? Am I the fool, the goat, the witch, or am I enlightened?

Amy is all of these things. The best thing about Enlightened is that it shows that these things are not mutually exclusive. We are all of these things.

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Enlightened No Doubt

Credit: HBO

In “No Doubt”, Amy finally appears to be able to have everything that she wants. She has the man for her new, bigger life and she is offered the job that she asked for upon her return from Open Air, the community outreach job that would be created especially for her. (Even Krista tells Amy that she considers her a good friend.) The only problem is that the story is going to run in the Los Angeles Times and Amy is the face of that story. The certainty that Amy feels at the beginning of the episode is an illusion.

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Enlightened All I Ever Wanted

Credit: HBO

One of the great things about Enlightened is the gap between what people say they want and what they really want. In “All I Ever Wanted”, Amy wonders if she somehow manifested the life that she dreamed of for herself. She is getting closer to taking down Abaddonn and she has met a man who could be a way into the life she thinks the wants. It looks like everything is coming together. And then Levi returns.

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Enlightened The Ghost Is Seen

Credit: HBO

Enlightened has been the story of Amy’s crusade to bring meaning to her life, meaning in terms of getting recognized for doing good. It is impossible to separate Amy’s desire to do good from her desire to be rewarded for it, from her desire for people to know that she did it, and from her desire for revenge. In her crusade, she enlisted Tyler who was just happy to get attention from Amy. But Tyler’s goals are much more modest.

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Enlightened Follow Me

Credit: HBO

After the side trip to Hawaii with Levi in the previous episode, “Follow Me”, Enlightened returns to Amy and her efforts to bring down Abbadon. Amy and Tyler get the evidence they need to enlist Dougie’s help and finally it seems like Amy has a chance to make the big change she desires. At the same time, reporter Jeffrey Flender introduces Amy to the world that tries to make changes behind a keyboard, one click or blog post at a time. It is intoxicating to Amy, not just because it shows that it is possible for small people to make big changes but also because it promises Amy the level of celebrity that motivates her as much as does doing good.

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Enlightened Higher Power

Credit: HBO

I’ve written previously about my disproportionate love of the fourth episode, “The Weekend”, from the first season of Enlightened. Amy’s speech at the end of that episode was amazing and it seemed to promise so much for the series. And I’ve written about the series not reaching that level for me since then, although I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve come to think that my love of “The Weekend” and how I haven’t loved any episode as much since says more about me than about the series, although I don’t know what that is. What I do know is that I liked “Higher Power” almost as much.

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Enlightened The Key Revenge Play

Credit: HBO

In order to make up for tweeting support for Enlightened when I didn’t even watch it, I have set out over the past few weeks to watch the show. Today I watched the first two episodes of season two, “The Key” and “Revenge Play”.

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Enlightened Consider Helen Burn It Down

Credit: HBO

Over the weekend I finished watching season one of Enlightened by watching “Consider Helen” and “Burn It Down”. I have to admit that I am disappointed to have not been as moved as I was at the end of “The Weekend” by the remainder of the season. My disappointment is tempered by the fact that I know there are still the eight season two episodes remaining and by the fact that Enlightened is still very good.

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Enlightened Not Good Enough Mothers Sandy Lonely Ghosts Comrades Unite

Credit: HBO

While waiting for the premier of Game of Thrones last night, I was able to bang out four more episodes of Enlightened, namely episodes five through eight of the first season. This is part of my continuing effort to actually watch a show for which I tweeted support. While nothing in those episodes matched the lyrical high of “The Weekend”, I still find much to  love about the show. I can imagine myself wanting to delay finishing the series because I don’t want it to end, and then binge-watching the remaining episodes anyway.

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Enlightened Pilot Now or Never Someone Else’s Life The Weekend

Credit: HBO

It is the normal state of play when you are married and you both work and you also want to go to the gym and you have friends and family that you want to spend time with, that the amount of hours you can devote to watching television is limited. It makes things easier if you generally agree on which shows to watch, which is the current situation with my wife and I. She may watch shows by herself (which I am forbidden to mention publicly) and I may watch Justified alone, but for the most part we watch everything together. It was my great good fortune that she became a fan of Game of Thrones as I would have hated to not be able to discuss it with her. One show we never agreed to watch was Enlightened.

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