Downton Abbey Season Five

I guess it’s a rule now that no matter how disappointing Downton Abbey gets we will still all come back to watch it when it returns in January. I have no great hopes for Season Five, other than the possibility of Carson and Hughes pulling a reverse-Remains of the Day, but I will be watching.

Downton Abbey returns on January 4 on PBS.

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Downton Abbey Season Four

Credit: PBS

Here in the US we just can’t help ourselves: we are obsessed with the silly British class system, which means that we are all excited to watch the new season of Downton Abbey.

If you aren’t current then don’t worry as the previous three seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

Note that as the series has already aired overseas, spoilers for the new season are easy to find. Be careful in reading about the new season unless you don’t mind being spoiled, especially in comments to any linked posts.

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