Broadchurch Episode Eight

Credit: BBC America

My face and throat hurt from trying not to cry. (I was mostly successful.) Even though I knew it was coming and even though I thought it was Joe Miller, the final episode of the season go to me. What’s strange is that Broadchurch doesn’t seem to be so different from less successful series that deal with similar topics, so what was it that made Broadchurch so compelling?

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Broadchurch Episode Seven

Credit: BBC America

Again, I am stunned by the power of Broadchurch. Since the fifth episode, the series has gained strength to the point that in Episode Seven there were a series of scenes in which I felt like I was holding my breath. It seems now that everything has been laid bare for all the primary and secondary characters, everything except who killed Danny Latimer.

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Broadchurch Episode Six

Credit: BBC America

Broadchurch has done a neat trick starting with Episode Five and continuing here. It’s not that I wasn’t involved in the first half of the season but that I didn’t understand just how involved I’d gotten. After six episodes, I am now starting to feel the dread that Ellie must have been feeling the entire time; that I need to find the answer to who killed Danny Latimer but I am going to hate finding it. Continue reading “Broadchurch Episode Six”

Broadchurch Episode Five

Credit: BBC America

Wow. Outstanding. This is the episode that I’ve been waiting for. I was going to watch Broadchurch through to the end anyway but now I’m invested. I knew that Jack wasn’t a real suspect and his story is devastating. No doubt Jack went to Broadchurch because he thought it was a place in which he could leave his past behind. But like we learned in Magnolia, the past isn’t done with us.

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Broadchurch Episode Four

Credit: BBC America

In Episode Four, Broadchurch reverts back to traditional form. The prime suspect now is Jack Marshall, who has a sex offense involving an underage person in his past. Jack also happens to be the newsagent for whom Danny worked, he works with boys in the Sea Brigade and he finds Danny’s phone. As the season is only half over, I have to assume that Jack is not the killer.

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Broadchurch Episode Three

Credit: BBC America

What I don’t want, what nobody wants, in Broadchurch is for the show to be the same as every similar show. We don’t want a series of red herrings until the killer is finally revealed. I trust the TV critics that have seen the show when they praise Broadchurch but through three episodes I find the series appealing but I haven’t registered just how this series is superior to other shows that have had the same basic setup.

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Broadchurch Episode Two

Credit: BBC America

When something terrible happens, we hope that our first reaction is to empathize with the victims and their families, but whether we empathize or not we eventually come to what the tragedy means in our lives. In Broadchurch “Episode Two”, the Latimer family is still too bereft to move on, but others in the town are starting to think about what the murder of Danny Latimer means to them.

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Broadchurch Episode One

Credit: BBC America

As we already know, there is too much good TV these days to watch everything. For example, I’m only now getting into House of Cards. My situation is also odd in that I don’t have cable. I am not going to discover something by chance while scrolling aimlessly through 700 channels. (Does this even happen any more?) I depend on people recommending shows. While I do get recommendations from friends and family, I mostly rely on TV critics. Thanks to Alan and Mo and Tim and Andy and a bunch of others, this year I have watched and enjoyed Orphan Black, Top of the Lake, Rectify, The Fall, Orange is the New Black, The Americans and Call the Midwife. That’s an amazing list of shows just from this year.

The latest show championed by the critics is Broadchuch. The series is set in a small town in Dorset, England and involves the investigation into the murder of an eleven year-old boy. According to the critics, the effects of the murder ripple outward to affect the entire town.

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