All This Has Happened Before

I have started off most of the last forty-something years with good intentions. “This is the year when I will accomplish something meaningful.” ” This is the year that I will look back on as the one that changed everything.”

My resolution this year was to start a blog. Check. Why? Because I can’t spend all my time watching TV and playing video games. At some point I have to try and use my brains for something else. Reading is still a favorite activity of mine but it’s a solitary activity and I want to do something that is a bit more social.

Facebook is not an option for me. Maybe it’s ego, but I just assume that there are people out there who are checking periodically to see if I’m on it. I’m not running from the law or a child or anything like that. I just want to control with whom I’m in contact.

So I’m not sure what this blog will be about. I’m not really interested in doing something very structured, like keeping track of how I spend the extra money in my paycheck thanks to the tax compromise. (It paid for this website.) I don’t want to have to do something in here every day as there won’t be something worth talking about every day. Maybe this blog will die a slow death.

I’ve started plenty of years with good intentions. All this has happened before. Let’s see how it turns out.