Well mister if I could spare the spit

For March 31, 2015

Having just gotten into Springsteen with Born in the USA, I couldn’t believe my luck when the live album was announced. I no longer remember how I learned about the album, it’s certainly wasn’t from the internet. Growing up in Vermont, seeing Springsteen live in concert seemed impossible, although he did play at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center while touring for Born in the USA. I was too young to drive there and it’s not like my parents were fans. So the live album was as close as I would get for a while.

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Bloodline Season One

Bloodline is the latest series from Netflix. The good news is that it’s better than House of Cards. The bad news is that it isn’t the second great series from Netflix (after Orange is the New Black).

Still it’s compelling, and Ben Mendelsohn is charming and disturbing at the center of the series.

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And remember, just don’t smile

For March 30, 2015

While “Meeting Across the River” has never been one of my favorite Springsteen songs, I have always loved today’s lyric. Specifically, I love the “change your shirt” part. Although I’m sure Springsteen had the lyric all along, it feels improvised, like it just occurred to the narrator.

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Your skin and I’m alive

For March 29, 2015

As I’ve written before, I’m not a religious person. I don’t discount the possibility of a god but I’m not sure how much it matters to us down here. I believe in evil, although not a devil, unless you mean the one we all carry in our hearts. It’s great that people have faith as a bulwark against despair. I have my faith also, but it’s not in a god but in other people.

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I got my money, I can take my fare

For March 28, 2015

I’m not sure I can pinpoint the exact moment it happened but some time in my past I decided that I didn’t have to apologize any more for who I am. To be clear, I’m not a person who thinks I can say or do whatever I want without consequence. What I mean is that I am willing to pay the consequences. Not that I thought of it in these terms before choosing this lyric, but I can pay my fare.

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‘Cause when this world kicked me around

For March 27, 2015

If there’s one thing about a long relationship that makes it worthwhile it’s that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Note that I’m not talking about cooking and cleaning and that stuff (although its also true in those cases) but I’m talking about the kind of stuff that we think of as self-reliance. Picking yourself up. Shaking it off. Getting back on the horse. (I’m sure there are plenty more metaphors.)

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I was your big man I was your prince charming

For March 26, 2015

Today’s entry is kind of continuation from yesterday’s. I wrote yesterday about men going into relationships thinking that they can fix what they think is wrong in the other person, and how that never really happens. I also mentioned that at the beginning of a new relationship you present yourself as better than you really are. The only problem is that you can’t maintain that forever.

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Don’t you know that I’ve been there

For March 25, 2015

I’m sure I’ve written about this before but it’s always interesting to think of the deal you try to make when you meet a potential lover. You’re selling yourself, of course, selling yourself as better than you are, smarter, better looking, kinder, whatever. They are probably doing the same. But you’re also selling a solution, right, at least if you are a man. Men think they can fix things, especially women. Men are selling themselves as a solution to that woman’s problems.

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Our eyes met and she looked away

For March 24, 2015

I can still remember the first time I made eye contact with the woman who would become my wife. I was walking down the stairs at work and she was walking up. She looked up and I think she smiled and I know I smiled and we walked past each other. It was one of the key moments in my life. My wife doesn’t remember it.

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A Fight to the Death: Justified’s Final Season

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.28.42 PM

This piece assumes you’ve seen all the episodes of Justified up to and including 6.09, or that you never plan on watching the series.

From its beginning, Justified has been a battle between the past and the future. Based on Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole”, the series took the basics from Leonard and created characters and a setting that is as rich as any fantasy world. In Justified‘s Harlan County, those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, unless it kills them first. In its sixth and final season, Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder are going to resolve the conflict that began in the pilot (and in “Fire in the Hole”), a conflict that has much to do with the past and the future.

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