And they watch us from the corner of their eye

For February 28, 2015

Growing up in a small town in Vermont, there was never a reason to worry about the police. I mean, we didn’t want them to catch us with beer or parking on a quiet street or egging houses on the night before Halloween, but we knew if we got caught doing any of those things then we deserved to be punished. It never occurred to us that we could be punished for doing nothing.

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Tonight I wanna feel the beat of the crowd

For February 27, 2015

For obvious reasons, Bruce Springsteen believes in the power of music more than I do. He’s built his life around it, and I wonder if he remembers now which came first, the belief or the experience. Did he know or he did he realize it after seeing the people at his shows? I don’t believe it as much but I have been in the crowd when everything else fades away and there’s nothing between you and the music and the crowd all feels the same way and you’re singing as loud as you can and its a release and you never want that moment to end.

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House of Cards Season Three


No matter how mediocre House of Cards is, we will all probably still watch it because we already subscribe to Netflix and we can watch the new season over a weekend (or a night). Will Frank Underwood have a worthy adversary in season three? Will Claire Underwood satisfy her ambitions? Will journalism still be poorly portrayed? We only have to wait until February 27.

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Maybe nothing at all, maybe a world I can call mine

For February 26, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I grew up feeling alienated from my family, from my town. I had friends, good friends, but they weren’t exactly like me. I thought that when I grew up I’d be able to go somewhere and find people like me.

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My brain takes a vacation to give my heart more room

For February 25, 2015

If I were making a definitive ranking of all Springsteen songs (and who says I’m not), “Crush on You” would be near the bottom. Yet, even in one of his weaker efforts, the Boss still can conjure up a moment of genius, as in the quote below. Who hasn’t been in that situation, in which common sense departs because of someone you see?

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I got stuff running ’round my head

For February 24, 2015

Last night I was thinking of friends from college, friends that I’ve long since lost touch with. I thought of some of the old jokes and the easy camaraderie. But it wasn’t the pleasant memories that stuck with, it was the memories of my own mistakes that I kept coming back to. There are so many things that I would like to change, things that I did or didn’t do, things that if changed would make my memories better.

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He who waits for the day’s riches will be lost

For February 23, 2015

As you may have figured out from reading these, I don’t particularly care about money. And I understand that is easy for me to say since I have a bit of it. I’m not worrying about where my next meal is coming from, I have a roof over my head, I have savings. I don’t wake up in the morning and think I need more, but I do wake up in the morning understanding that whatever I have won’t support itself.

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Between our dreams and actions

For February 22, 2015

It’s Oscar night so I chose a song that was nominated but did not win an Oscar. I didn’t choose the Oscar winner because I want to use that song later. Not that there is anything wrong with this song. I felt like it should have won and I have no idea anymore what did win.

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The banker man grows fat, working man grows thin

For February 21, 2015

Growing up, I identified myself as working class, like my parents. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Once I got old enough to understand class, I defined myself as working class even as I worked to not be working class when I grew up. I thought that I would be upper class as an adult but I was sure that I wouldn’t lose my working class roots. I had no real idea what that meant but I figured that if Springsteen could do it then I could too.

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A taste of that one little weakness you allow yourself

For February 20, 2015

I’ve long since accepted that my worldview has contradictions. If we spent long enough talking it would be easy for your to point out “Hey, you said this but before you said that and those two things don’t make sense together.” It’s true. I won’t make a list here of those things but I assume most people are the same way. Having a strict, consistent code of behavior would seem to restrictive, unless that code it do whatever you want, whenever you want, in which case it’s too unhealthy.

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