I took month-long vacation in the stratosphere

For January 31, 2015

While there are many specific memories of childhood, my general memory is of spending a lot of time alone, often in my room. In my memory this was by choice, although it can be difficult after all these years to find what was a choice and what was an adaptation, a way to cope. Either way, it’s a habit that has followed me into adulthood.

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I just want to feel your rhythm

For January 30, 2015

Growing up the way I did, there wasn’t much dancing. This contrasts the way my wife growing up in which her extended family would gather on weekends and after dinner they would push all the furniture to the edges of the living room and everyone would dance. She was surprised that I didn’t grow up the same way. Nope, nobody danced in my house.

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Fortitude Season One

So I’m not watching Fortitude, but it has gotten enough attention that I think maybe I should. I don’t know where this will end up streaming after the season is over but I will keep you posted for when you also want to catch up.

Fortitude airs in the US on Pivot.

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Everybody wants to be the man at the top

For January 29, 2015

I am competitive, but not about the usual things, I guess. I want to win when I play Trivial Pursuit or Phase 10, but I never cared much about being president. I’ve always been the type who thought good enough was good enough. I was never interested in being the man at the top.

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Justified Season Four

Justified S4 Credit: FX

Season four is another good season of Justified, containing what may be its most enjoyable episode (I’ll let you figure it out) as well as great guest appearances, including Patton Oswalt. The season centers on an old mystery that becomes relevant again in Harlan, you know, because the past is always present.

Watch the episodes over on Amazon Prime and then come here and read the recaps.

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The Americans Season Three


The Americans is one of the best series on television and it’s baffling as to why more people aren’t watching it. Do yourself a favor — watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime and then start watching The Americans when it airs. It’s the best show on now about marriage, children and wigs. Watch it.

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Well don’t let that daylight steal your soul

For January 28, 2015

Not lately as I haven’t been feeling well, but usually I’m more of a night person than a morning person. My natural body clock has me rising at 9:00 am or so and I don’t typically feel like going to sleep until after midnight. That’s damned inconvenient when you have a nine-to-five.

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Justified Season Three

Justified S3Credit: FX

After the excellence of season two, a letdown was to be expected. However, the third season of Justified is still good and worth watching.

Head on over to Amazon Prime, watch the episodes and then come back here for the recaps.

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Now you just can’t get out of this skin

For January 27, 2015

Today is a snow day which means that I’m working from home which means that I will be getting up later than usual. What does the world look like today? I love the morning after a big storm when there is only snow and no signs of people, no cars or pedestrians.

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Justified Season Two

Justified S2Credit: FX

Season two of Justified is generally regarded as the series’ best, and I agree. All the themes laid out in the first season are more fully developed, plus Margo Martindale guest stars as Mags Bennett. It’s great from start to finish.

Watch the episodes on Amazon Prime and then read the recaps here.

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