The Walking Dead Season Five

TWD S5Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead is nothing like its siblings on AMC, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It’s not critically lauded, for the most part, and its a giant ratings hit. What explains the popularity of The Walking Dead? It’s mostly that people love to watch zombies getting killed in new and creative ways. In addition, it’s fascinating to imagine just how terrible people would become in a massive crisis like the one in this show.

The Walking Dead returned for its fifth season on October 12.

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The Affair

The Affair S1Credit: Showtime

There were two fall series in which TV critics were almost universal in their praise. The first was Transparent on Amazon, which debuted on September 26. The other was The Affair on Showtime. Featuring Dominic West (The Wire), Ruth Wilson (Luther), Maura Tierney (NewsRadio) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe). From Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem, who previously worked together on In Treatment, The Affair has the pedigree. Will it deliver? We will start finding out October 12.

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Homeland Season Four

Homeland S4
Credit: Showtime

Homeland was so good, so great, for its first season and a half that it seemed possible that Showtime was going to threaten HBO as the source for the best dramatic series on premium cable. Then Homeland stopped being great, or often even good, and Game of Thrones started on HBO and even the relative excellence of Masters of Sex is not enough to make Showtime a real rival.

All of this is a long way of saying that it would be good for Showtime if Homeland is able to recapture its excellence. Does that happen in season four?

If you haven’t watched the first three seasons then do so and then go here for the recaps.

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Homeland Links By Season By Episode

Credit: Showtime

Part of the joy in watching a TV series is that there is so much great writing about TV that it’s like having the cleverest and wittiest group of friends who watch the same shows. But if you are late to a series, you may miss that. If you are behind on Homeland then don’t worry. You can watch the episodes and then come here for the reviews and recaps.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Catch Up on Homeland Season Three

Homeland S3
Credit: Showtime

It’s difficult to think of another show that went from all-timer to also-ran faster than Homeland. Many shows have a good first season, improve in the second and maybe third and then begin a slow decline. Just as there are aging curves for baseball players there are aging curves for TV shows. Homeland, however, started with a great, almost perfect season, an excellent first half of its second season, then fell apart. So what about season three?

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