The Leftovers Two Boats and a Helicopter

Credit: HBO

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A devout man whose house is going to be washed away in a flood waits for God to save him. The man turns away two boats and a helicopter, telling the would-be rescuers that he has faith. The man dies and when he asks God why he didn’t save him, God replies that he sent two boats and a helicopter.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A man is bothered by the chaos in the world and constructs a belief system to bring order to the chaos. This man interprets everything that happens through this belief system and convinces himself there is order in the universe despite evidence to the contrary.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A man is convinced that he sees things the way they are, and he can’t understand why others don’t see things the same way. He is frustrated that he acts on his knowledge while others do nothing.

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The Knick

Unknown-3Credit: Cinemax

So Clive Owen is doing a TV series on Cinemax and every episode is directed (and filmed and edited) by Steven Soderbergh. That sounds like a pretty big deal, right? Evidently it is based on the number of reviews that I’ve linked to below.

Is The Knick any good? Does it mark the start of the transformation of television from a writer’s to a director’s medium? Will you ever get used to Clive Owen’s mustache? You can start deciding for yourself when it premiers on August 8.

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Outlander Season One

Credit: Starz

Although I had never heard of Outlander, somehow my wife, who reads a lot less fantasy than I, had heard of it, through friends and acquaintances who had read the books and had been just as evangelical about them as I have been about A Song of Ice and Fire. How did I not take notice of a popular fantasy series? Unfortunately, I think I know the answer.

Outlander is on Starz (yes, Starz) and the showrunner is Ronald D Moore (Battlestar Galactica). What else do you need to know?

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The Honorable Woman

Credit: SundanceTV

Last year, SundanceTV entered the original programming arena with the ongoing series Rectify (which is currently in the middle of its second season) and the mini-series Top of the Lake. Both series received positive reviews from the critics and marked SundanceTV as a challenger to networks like AMC.

The Honorable Woman is the latest mini-series from SundanceTV and if the critic reviews (and tweets) are anything to go by then Sundance has another excellent program.

The series is eight episodes and begins on July 31. (Note that this series, called The Honourable Woman, began airing in the UK on BBC Two on July 3. Try to avoid spoilers.)

Season Reviews

Tim GoodmanJames Poniewozik, Sonia Saraiya,  Matt Zoller Seitz, Willa PaskinAlyssa Rosenberg and Andy Greenwald.

Also, Chris Ryan interviewed series creator Hugo Blick about the season. (Spoilers)