Masters of Sex Season Two

1002762_2_0_prm-keyart_1024x640Credit: Showtime

The first season of Masters of Sex was very good, one of the rare Showtime series that wouldn’t be out-of-place on HBO. Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen were excellent in the lead roles, with Allison
Janney and Beau Bridges (and others) doing great work in supporting roles. It’s a series I’m very happy to have back, although it feels more like a fall series instead of a summer series.

Will Masters of Sex be even better in its second season (like The Americans) or will it fall apart (like Homeland)? We will start to find out on July 13.

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The Strain

Credit: FX

Okay so FX, the second best network after HBO, stumbled a bit with Tyrant. It happens. But with The Bridge back this week and near-universal acclaim (although few Emmy nominations) for the most recent season of The Americans, FX is still doing great, which will continue with The Strain, right?


We will have to wait and see. The Strain premiers on July 13 and, yes, that is a Sunday. FX is making a foray into Sunday night original programming.

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LeBron James Goes Home

LeBron James just announced that he is going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The announcement is surprising for various reasons; it means he is leaving Miami where he led the Heat to four NBA finals and two championships, because the Cavaliers are not exactly title contenders even with James, and because, well, it’s Cleveland.

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Emmys 2014

As with Emmy voters and TV critics, I don’t watch every show that is eligible to be nominated for Emmy awards. Unlike Emmy voters and (many) TV critics, I don’t think there is any value in Emmy nominations or awards. To the extent that the annual announcement of nominees leads to multiple posts about the things the voters got right and got wrong (see links below), the Emmy awards are accomplishing exactly what they are intended to; generate interest in television, which hopefully leads to dollars. Any excellence that is recognized is purely coincidental.

That being said…

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The Bridge Season Two

The Bridge
Credit: FX

The Bridge debuted last season on FX and it featured a fascinating setting (the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez) but was saddled with a super villain story that didn’t work. Season Two won’t feature a super villain, or at least not the same super villain, which should be an improvement. Whether The Bridge will go full into Andy Greenwald’s preferred Weird Bridge remains to be seen.

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