The Leftovers

Credit: HBO

The two networks for which I most look forward to new series are HBO and FX. If I were to make a top ten list of my favorite current TV series, HBO and  FX would take up all but a couple of spots. This means that I will watch The Leftovers when it debuts on June 29 unless the reviews are mostly disappointing (you know, like for FX’s Tyrant).

Lucky for me, and for all of us, the reviews are not disappointing. It appears that HBO has another show we will all be talking about.

Season Reviews

Matt Zoller SeitzAlan SepinwallAndy Greenwald, Todd VanDerWerffWilla Paskin and Mo Ryan.

Also, Alan Sepinwall interviewed Tom Perrotta, on whose novel the series is based, and show runner Damon Lindelof.

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Credit: FX

FX is the best basic cable channel and is really the only channel that can compete with HBO for best lineup of original programming. Already this year FX gave us a new series in Fargo and in July we will get the début of The Strain. Last year The Americans and The Bridge premiered, and series like Louie, Justified, Sons of Anarchy plus the series that moved to FXX are still going. FX is what AMC wants to be when it grows up.

So Tyrant is a new series on FX with an interesting premise (after two decades living in the US, the heir to the leader of a fictional Middle Eastern country returns for a wedding and then has to choose whether to stay) and has good pedigree (executive producer Howard Gordon who also worked on 24 and Homeland). Will Tyrant be the next good to great show from FX?

Tyrant starts on June 24.

Season Reviews

Tim GoodmanAlan SepinwallJames PoniewozikWilla PaskinMo RyanAndy Greenwald and Eric Deggans.

Also, Alyssa Rosenberg had some thoughts on the series.

Rectify Season Two

Credit: Sundance TV

Rectify was one of the most powerful series of 2014, a quiet study of a man trying to return to life after 19 years on death row. Aden Young was remarkable in the lead as Daniel Holden, and the rest of the cast was equally good.

The second season was excellent and you should absolutely watch it and then read the review here. (Needless to say, if you didn’t watch the first season then get over to Netflix and take care of that.)

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Orange is the New Black Season Two

UntitledCredit: Netflix

The best original program on Netflix is Orange is the New Black. Sorry if you think House of Cards is better. You’re wrong.

One of the best series of 2013 returns on June 6, when Netflix will release the entire second season, thus depriving the show of three months of water cooler buzz. Puzzling business model aside, its great news.

Reviews and recaps will be filled in below as they occur. In the meantime, you can catch up on Orange is the New Black and read reviews and recaps for Season One here.

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Halt and Catch Fire

Credit: AMC

AMC got off to a great start in original programming with Mad Men followed by Breaking Bad, and then had (and still have) a massive hit with The Walking Dead. Since then, things have not gone very well. Is Halt and Catch Fire, the new AMC series which debuts June 1, the next hit for the channel? As only one episode was sent to critics (and was also released early online) it’s impossible to tell.

Series Reviews

Matt Zoller Seitz, Tim Goodman, Mo Ryan and Todd VanDerWerff.