Fargo Buridan’s Ass

Credit: FX

There was a lot that happened in “Buridan’s Ass”, including the snow storm that had been spoken of in a number of recent episodes. It’s still not clear how things are going to be resolved in the various storylines, although some stories were resolved this week (Don, Numbers, Semenko, Dmitri). But while it was an episode filled with incident, I am bereft over Gus shooting Molly.

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Mad Men The Strategy

Credit: AMC

There’s an old expression that says you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. While that may be technically true, from a practical standpoint we often do choose our families. My parents are a four-plus hour drive away, and my sisters are farther. My family is my wife and the friends that live nearby. These are the people I turn to if I need something, and my wife and I are the people they turn to when they need something. It is what we’ve chosen. Don Draper is the most extreme case of choosing his family in that he chose a new identity and created a brand new family. However, Peggy and, to a certain extent, Pete have also created new families. Are the new families any better than the old ones? That’s a good question.

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The Americans Echo

Credit: FX

When The Americans began, Philip suggested to Elizabeth that they could defect and stop working undercover for the KGB. Elizabeth was angry about Philip’s suggestion, and it drove a wedge between the two that was not removed until towards the end of the season when Elizabeth was shot. The good news for the Jennings is that they don’t have to go through it alone. By design, they have each other. The irony is that at the end of the second season, the Jennings come to realize that they have been co-opted by life in America in a way they didn’t previously understand; they thought the lives of their children were their own.

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The Americans Operation Chronicle

Credit: FX

The season started with Elizabeth recovering from the gunshot she received at the end of season one. She was staying in a cabin in the woods and as she drove away Elizabeth had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting a family of deer. By the end of “Operation Chronicle”, Jared, the son of Emmett and Leeanne, is staying in the same cabin in the woods, and there is a danger nearby. Will Jared escape like the deer?

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Game of Thrones Mockingbird

Credit: HBO

I don’t think there’s a moral or a lesson in Game of Thrones but if there is a theme of sorts, other than about the nature of power, it has to do with consequences. Lives can be short in Westeros but memories are long, and sometimes the consequences of your actions aren’t known until many years later.

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Fargo The Six Ungraspables

Credit: FX

There is only one character in Fargo who is doing exactly what he wants to do and that is Lorne Malvo. Malvo is not concerned about what other people want or how they feel about it. Instead he is moving steadily through the world, causing chaos for his own enjoyment, and if he ends up a million bucks richer then all the better. And Malvo’s focus is why he has been largely unopposed so far.

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Orphan Black Governed As It Were Chance

Credit: BBC America

One of the best parts of Orphan Black is Sarah Manning’s growing sense of responsibility for people besides herself. When the series started, Sarah had been gone for some time, and was returning to get Kira. At that point Sarah cared about Kira, and cared about Felix and Mrs S to the extent that they could help her. When Sara sees Beth Childs kill herself, Sarah assumes her identity to see how much money she can get that she can use to take Kira away. How things have changed.

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Louie So Did the Fat Lady

I am not a woman and I am not fat, which means I am not going to try to explain what “So Did the Fat Lady” got right or wrong about how fat women feel. There are no doubt already posts defending and posts criticizing Louis CK for what the character Vanessa says in the episode, because that’s what happens on the internet. What I can comment on is the double standard that I have helped perpetuate with regard to fat women.

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Mad Men The Runaways

Credit: AMC

I started running away little by little when I was a child, away from a town that was too small and from parents who were also too small. I ran away a little more when I went to college and eventually ran all the way to New York City. I’m still running away, although I can see now that I haven’t made much progress. Running away is the only rational response to a generation that pretends to understand you. The strange part comes when you realize that you no longer understand the generation coming after yours. It can feel like you don’t belong anywhere.

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Game of Thrones The Laws of Gods and Men

Credit: HBO

Even in Westeros, where the gods (at least the Old Gods and the Red God) seem to still have power, all laws are the laws of men. Men will dress the laws up in the words of the gods but that is done only to add legitimacy. Gods don’t make laws. If you live in Westeros you are better off not putting your faith than in gods because it is ultimately men who will judge you.

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