Looking Looking in the Mirror

Credit: HBO

After falling behind for various reasons, I finally had a chance to catch up on the HBO series Looking this past weekend. What I found was a pleasant series that is not the series I expected from HBO given its premise (story of three gay men in San Francisco) but instead a series that operates between the mundane romantic problems of all people, gay or straight, and the problems specific to gay men. It feels like a canny move designed to make the appeal of Looking as broad as possible.

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The Red Road

Sundance TV, way back in 2013 when it was known as the Sundance Channel, had an impressive track record in its first foray into original series. Top of the Lake (a mini-series) and Rectify (which returns later this year for season two) both ended up on numerous TV critics’ top ten lists. For that reason, I am very much looking forward to Sundance’s newest series, The Red Road. (I am also excited to see Jason Momoa show up in a new series.)

Will The Red Road be as good as Top of the Lake and Rectify? The six-part series starts on February 27.

Series Reviews

Tim GoodmanAlan Sepinwall and Brandon Nowalk.

Catch Up On The Americans Season One

Credit: FX

The new season of The Americans is about to start and thanks to Amazon Prime you can watch the first season just in time to get up to speed. The Americans was one of the best series from 2013. So go to Amazon Prime, watch the episodes and then come here and read the weekly recaps.

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To Be Or Not To Be, Nude

Alyssa Rosenberg has a long post today about The Wolf of Wall Street, specifically about how the film is complicit in some of the behavior that it seems to criticize in the main character. Specifically, the camera lingers repeatedly on the bodies of various women that the main character exploits but is conspicuous in not showing too much of the main character’s body. (There is much more to Rosenberg’s post and you should read the whole thing.)

Rosenberg draws the parallel with the depiction of women in True Detective and the most recent episode led to a number of posts from TV critics who commented upon, among other things, the depiction of women on the show. And it made me wonder about the loop that is taking place on TV and movies and who is responsible for that loop.

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Justified Kill the Messenger

Credit: FX

It’s been a strange season of Justified, with the focus more on Boyd and his quest to get Ava out of prison than on Raylan, and with more violence than clever words. “Kill the Messenger” moved things forward by, at least temporarily, aligning Boyd’s interests with Daryl Crowe’s and by having Boyd figure out that Rodney Dunham is not going to hand over Cousin Johnny, but the episode didn’t sing like the best episodes of this series can.

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The Americans Season Two

Credit: FX

The Americans was one of the best shows of 2013 in its first season. Will the second season be as good? We shall see.

Below are season reviews as well as weekly recaps from the best TV critics in the business.

Watch and enjoy.

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True Detective Haunted Houses

680x478 (680×478)Credit: HBO

Part of the appeal for me about True Detective is the feeling that this isn’t just another show. Maybe its the years of brainwashing by HBO (“It’s not TV”) but I am more willing to give a series on HBO slack than on any other channel. (FX probably comes next.) I don’t know what True Detective is about but I’ve figured out a way that I can enjoy the series even if there are parts of it that don’t really seem to fit together. I say this because it is discouraging how much “Haunted Houses” felt like it could have been an episode in any TV series.

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About A Boy

Credit: NBC

So, I loved About a Boy and then loved About a Boy almost as much and I hope that the new NBC series based on the book and the movie is good. I also have faith on showrunner Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood).

The series previews on Saturday (yes, Saturday) February 22 and then takes up residence on Tuesday.

Series Reviews

Tim Goodman, Todd VanDerWerff, Linda Holmes, Andy Greenwald (also on Growing Up Fisher) and Alan Sepinwall.

True Detective The Secret Fate of All Life

680x478 (680×478)Credit: HBO

I don’t know what True Detective is about. I don’t know anything about Carcosa or the Yellow King or beer-can men or time as a flat circle. There is a story being told that feels like it’s a journey into the dark heart of one or maybe both detectives, and the end of that journey isn’t the cookhouse of Reggie Ledoux. The end is still out there and I have no idea what is it. And that’s what makes True Detective compelling.

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House of Cards Season Two Review

House of Cards
Credit: Netflix

Thanks to the holiday weekend, and an unfortunate assist from a bad cold, my wife and I finished season two of House of Cards. The good news for fans of the series is that the second season is just as good as the first. The bad news for people like me who were lukewarm on the first season is that the second season is only as good as the first. (Spoilers follow.)

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