Breaking Bad Felina

Credit: AMC

I have to admit that I don’t know where to begin on “Felina”. This is the third time I have started this post and I hope it is the last.

Endings are complicated. They can mean too much to people who use their feelings about an ending as a referendum on everything that came before. Sometimes that’s reasonable. (For example, the ending of The Usual Suspects makes that entire film pointless.) For a TV series, especially one that runs for multiple seasons, feelings about the ending should not elevate or diminish everything. Nothing that happened in “Felina” would have meant that Breaking Bad is not a great series nor, in my opinion, would it have made it better than The Wire. But was “Felina” any good?

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The Bridge All About Eva

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

“Now that’s more like it”. This is not a quote from the episode but from me after the episode ended. If you’ve read my overnight reviews, you know I’ve spent plenty of time describing all the things that I think have been wrong about The Bridge.  It was so great at the end of “All About Eva” to feel like the writers had listened to me and decided to make the series that I wanted them to make.

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Broadchurch Episode Eight

Credit: BBC America

My face and throat hurt from trying not to cry. (I was mostly successful.) Even though I knew it was coming and even though I thought it was Joe Miller, the final episode of the season go to me. What’s strange is that Broadchurch doesn’t seem to be so different from less successful series that deal with similar topics, so what was it that made Broadchurch so compelling?

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Sons of Anarchy Paenitentia

0 Credit: FX

I wasn’t expecting to care very much about “Paenitentia”, the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy. I’ve watched long enough to assume that I know how most episodes are going to go. But at the end of “Paenitentia”, I felt very sad and strangely that makes me happy about the series. The series may only be about Jax Teller losing his soul, and it may not need seven seasons to tell it, but in some episodes that story is more poignant than others.

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Low Winter Sun There Was A Girl

 Credit: AMC

I started watching the latest episode of Low Winter Sun, “There Was A Girl” and I started to believe. I began to think that the show was going to make sense and turn into a show that may not ever be a great show but at least wouldn’t be a terrible show. The case was getting more interesting. There were multiple simultaneous interrogations going on, the suspects with varying levels of competence in dealing with the police. I really thought it was happening. But no. This is Low Winter Sun and the writers are not interested in rising to competent. They are content to disappoint week after week.

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Broadchurch Episode Seven

Credit: BBC America

Again, I am stunned by the power of Broadchurch. Since the fifth episode, the series has gained strength to the point that in Episode Seven there were a series of scenes in which I felt like I was holding my breath. It seems now that everything has been laid bare for all the primary and secondary characters, everything except who killed Danny Latimer.

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Breaking Bad Granite State

Credit: AMC

Based on personal experience, I know that there is no way to convince members of Team Walt that Walter White is a terrible person. They tell you that he’s brilliant and that everything he did was for his family. Their confirmation bias won’t allow them to hear when you give examples showing that he didn’t do it for his family but for his own ego. “Granite State” should be the last word in this debate, but it won’t be because no one on Team Walt will ever be convinced. This means that I will have to take comfort in the solace of being right, which isn’t very satisfying.

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Broadchurch Episode Six

Credit: BBC America

Broadchurch has done a neat trick starting with Episode Five and continuing here. It’s not that I wasn’t involved in the first half of the season but that I didn’t understand just how involved I’d gotten. After six episodes, I am now starting to feel the dread that Ellie must have been feeling the entire time; that I need to find the answer to who killed Danny Latimer but I am going to hate finding it. Continue reading “Broadchurch Episode Six”

The Bridge Take the Ride, Pay the Toll

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

I’m happy that the Bridge Butcher is in custody so maybe The Bridge can move on from what became an unsatisfying storyline. Although there are only two episodes left in this season and FX has not made an announcement about a second season, I am still hopeful that The Bridge can become more like the show that I wish it would be rather than the show it has been. I found “Take the Ride, Pay the Toll” deeply unsatisfying but while I was falling asleep last night I did have an idea about the show, which I will share after I take some time to complain.

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Sons of Anarchy One One Six

0 Credit: FX

If you watched previous seasons of Sons of Anarchy, you know what happens at the beginning of each season; the problems come thick and fast for Jax and the club, often arising from earlier actions of Jax and the club. It’s enough to make you wonder why anyone would want to be in a motorcycle club if every day was as miserable as the ones dramatized in this season’s second episode, “One One Six”.

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