Who’s Medium Is It Anyway?


It is a given that people who post things on a subject are almost always defending their priors. I’m lucky in that I post when I want to, about what I want to and the only thing at stake for me is the time it takes to do so. I don’t have to write a minimum number of posts each day or reach a certain word count. What this means is that I don’t have to strain to attribute meaning to post by others and then write about how they are wrong.

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Orange is the New Black Can’t Fix Crazy

Credit: Netflix

In the season finale, Piper takes an honest look at herself and makes a choice between Larry and Alex. However, things don’t go as planned and Piper is alone. How is Piper going to make her way through prison and then her life after prison? She doesn’t know. Just don’t suggest that she doesn’t deserve love.

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Orange is the New Black Fool Me Once

Credit: Netflix

“Fool Me Once” finds Piper still dealing with the fallout of Larry’s radio appearance and taking responsibility for putting Pennsatucky in Psych. Piper is also dealing with the fallout from Larry telling her that Alex did name her in the indictment. Piper now has to come to terms with the idea that she is not the person she thinks she is. Even worse, she may be the person that other people think she is.

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Orange is the New Black Tall Men with Feelings

Credit: Netflix

As I’ve mentioned, at the start of the series I was concerned that the series wouldn’t be serious enough and would remind me of Jenji Kohan’s previous series Weeds. As the season went along there was still plenty of humor but it grew out of the real circumstances of the women at Litchfield. “Tall Men with Feelings” continues the run that started in the previous episode where the early characterizations start paying off. When the inmates hear Larry on the radio, we understand why Larry says what he does but more importantly we understand how what he says is received in the prison.

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The Bridge Rio

BRI_HD_0000_01Credit: FX

The latest episode of The Bridge, “Rio”, opens with the shot of the sun in the sky over Karl Millright’s funeral in Texas. The episode ends with a Mexican woman staked out on the ground in the middle of the Texas desert, under the same sun. These shots underline the killer’s theme and the theme of the show about how people on both sides of the Rio Grande are part of the same world.

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Orange is the New Black Bora Bora Bora

Credit: Netflix

At the end of the previous episode, Piper started an affair with Alex. Piper had made a decision about her life in prison and it seemed like it was pragmatic, like she needed to figure out a way to get through it. In “Bora Bora Bora”, Piper delivers a speech to a troubled student in which she explains her central problem and it feels like it’s one that she had before she went to prison.

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Orange is the New Black Fucksgiving

Credit: Netflix

One of the things that I wasn’t comfortable with at the start of Orange is the New Black was the balance between humor and drama. Maybe it’s because the memory of how terrible Weeds became was still fresh, but I wasn’t sure that Jenji Kohan had a good feel for what she wanted to do in this series. As the series went on there was still plenty of humor (the legend of the chicken) but it grew out of realistic situations. Starting with “Fucksgiving”, the series started pulling everything together that it had laid out from the beginning of the season.

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Orange is the New Black Moscow Mule

Credit: Netflix

“Moscow Mule” may imply that the story is about Red, and “Moscow mule” is a phrase that Mendez uses to describe her, but the episode is about motherhood. There are two pregnancies inside; Maria, who goes into labor during the episode and Daya. Polly also gives birth and we see a flashback to Larry and Piper a few months before prison when she thought she could be pregnant. And Red scarifies one of her “daughters” in her war with Mendez.

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Orange is the New Black Blood Donut

Credit: Netflix

Although there is some Piper stuff in this episode, the flashbacks and focus is on Janae. The episode opens with a callback to Janae’s arrival at Litchfield, when Morello drove her and Chapman to the prison. Janae is alone with Morello in this trip as she is returning from the SHU where she was sent after her outburst when the screwdriver went missing. Janae is grateful to be back although she has not let go of her anger.

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Orange is the New Black WAC Pack

Credit: Netflix

After drawing too much attention to herself in the last episode, Piper decides that her best strategy is to try to be low-key. This is a disappointment to Healy who feels that he and Piper have a bond. Healy feels that Piper is different from the other inmates and that the two of them would be able to change things at Litchfield. Piper politely refuses Healy’s suggestion that she run for a post on the Women’s Advisory Council but Healy has the last word when he adds her name to those of the other elected women.

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