Catch Up on Breaking Bad Season Five

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You know how this works by now. Here are the links to the best reviews for each episode of Season Five. I’ve already done Season One, Season Two, Season Three and Season FourContinue reading “Catch Up on Breaking Bad Season Five”

Catch Up on Breaking Bad Season Four

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This is where you come if you want links to all the best reviews of Breaking Bad Season Four. I’ve already done Season One, Season Two and Season Three.

You know what to do. Watch the episode, read the reviews.

And enjoy.

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Steve Earle and The Low Highway

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One of the interesting things to do when looking at the career of an artist, especially one who has been at if for a while, is to break down the career into eras and then try to draw meaning out of that exercise. Doing this exercise with U2 is one of the best since you can separate their career in convenient three album chunks. (Why did U2 peak in their two most recent eras with the first of the three albums? Discuss.)

Steve Earle, by my reckoning, is in the fourth era of his career. Earlier this year he released his 14th studio album (not counting The Mountain, his collaboration with the Del McCoury Band). The album is called The Low Highway. It is filled with Earle’s sharp observations about life in the US, particularly on those that society tends to ignore. While The Low Highway doesn’t break any new ground it is more evidence that Earle is still great at what he does, even now in the long tail of his brilliant career.

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Catch Up on Breaking Bad Season Three

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I’m posting the episode by episode links for all five seasons of Breaking Bad. I’ve already done Season One and Season Two.

Season Three features some flux. Todd goes from Slant to HitFix. Partway through the season, Alan also goes to HitFix and for a while they both recap the episodes for the same site. Nick Catucci takes over for Emma Rosenblum. This season also marks the Breaking Bad debuts (at least from what I’ve found so far) of Myles McNutt and Mo Ryan. Very cool.

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Mad Men The Better Half

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I know, I know, you don’t just take the title of the episode and apply to what happens and call it a review. It’s like the old “Webster’s defines existential dread as…” technique used by lazy speechwriters everywhere. So I’m not going to do that with this week’s Mad Men episode entitled “The Better Half”. Instead I’m going to re-title the episode “Choose a Lane” and apply that to what happens. (Can you feel my ambition?)

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Catch Up on Breaking Bad Season Two

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Do you like to watch an episode from a great TV series and then read the various recaps? Me, too. The purpose of this post is to allow you to read the weekly recaps for Season Two of Breaking Bad. If you missed it, here’s a link to Season One.

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Catch Up on Breaking Bad Season One

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Hopefully you already saw what I did with Mad Men and enjoyed it. I will be going through the five seasons of Breaking Bad and finding links to the top recaps and reviews for each episode. All you have to do is watch Breaking Bad on Netflix and then come here and read what the best in the business were saying at the time.

In season one, Breaking Bad was an unknown commodity. Naturally the Sepinwall Machine was in top gear but it took some others a little while to catch on. (Full disclosure: my wife and I were in on Breaking Bad from the beginning.)

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Miami-Indiana Game Three


One of the mistakes that fans sometimes make when thinking about upcoming sporting events is the idea that if an inferior team knows how to counter what a superior team is going to do in some way implies that it’s likely that the inferior team will be successful. Does this make sense? In this case I am talking about the Indiana Pacers versus the Miami Heat. The Heat are a better team but Indiana plays them very well. Indiana won the season series 2-1, beat Miami in game two of the series and were within two seconds (and maybe a Roy Hibbert substitution) of winning game one. Indiana knows how to counter Miami and they were going back home for game 3 so I felt pretty confident that Indiana would win. I only forget to account for one thing: Miami is the superior team.

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Orphan Black Unconscious Selection

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Orphan Black has been one of the unexpected (pleasant) surprises of television so far this year. (Thanks, Tim Goodman.) Other than Maria Doyle Kennedy in a supporting role, I didn’t know any of the actors and I didn’t know the creators. What I found was an amazing acting job by Tatiana Maslany and a compelling and crazy series. There is only one episode left and I am going to miss it while I wait for season two to arrive.

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Hannibal Trou Normand

Credit: NBC

One of the most disturbing moments in “Trou Normand” comes when Will Graham smiles. Will smiles several times in the episode and I can’t remember if he smiled in any earlier episodes. Will’s first smile comes when he tells Jack that he wasn’t himself the at the crime scene a day earlier and Jack responds that Will’s not being himself is the point. Watching Will try to be light-hearted about losing his mind is terrible, but very compelling.

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