Justified Peace of Mind

I don’t have much to say about this week’s Justified, “Peace of Mind”. It was to be expected after last week’s excellent “Decoy” that this week’s episode would not be as entertaining. Also, with the season finale, “Ghosts”, coming up next week pieces had to be moved into place to set up the finale. So what can we expect in “Ghosts”?

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What I Don’t Want To Be Doing

While I was waiting in the line at Chop’t on 51st Street, a man came in the street entrance and then stood there looking at the various salad workstations before noticing that there were people that were already standing there. He asked the woman in front of me if that was the line and when she pointed he followed the line to its end. (Anyone who has been to that Chop’t location knows that the line of people at lunch time usually extends out the door into the hallway of the UBS building.) Although I’d seen the man walk in, I hadn’t really been paying attention but after he walked away I started thinking about how much time I spend trying to make sure I don’t get taken advantage of in very small ways.

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Its A Good Time To Be A Geek

I remember when I read the news that Peter Jackson was going to be directing three Lord of the Rings movies. It was a fantasy geek’s dream come true. During my height of Tolkien obsession in the mid-Eighties, I had the idea that the book could be done in three movies and then quickly dismissed the idea as insane. Then the movies were made and were immensely popular and for a short time my geek credentials could be worn as a badge of honor. That situation is playing itself out again with Game of Thrones.

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Maybe I’ll Be The Only One Putting Money Into The Paywall

If you are one of the few that come here regularly, you know that I have been thinking about paywalls lately. Today Felix Salmon at Reuters had a post of how he thinks paywalls will evolve for the national newspapers and he linked to an article by Sarah Lacy about the opportunity that is being created by all these paywalls.

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Marriage Equality Matters For Now

The increasing acceptance of gay marriage demonstrates that the last institutional barriers with regard to homosexuality are being taken down. It is easy to imagine a future in which one’s sexual orientation is just something else you know about a person. In fact, it’s easy to imagine a future in which “sexual orientation” is a phrase that has fallen out of regular use. The impressive pace of the acceptance over the last ten or so years has also benefited from the declining importance of marriage in the US.

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Updates On Stuff You Don’t Care About

I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally finished reading Blood Meridian. It took a long time and I’m still not sure why it was important for me to read it and I lament the time that I could have been reading other books instead. I have moved on to Let the Great World Spin and so far I feel like this new book will be satisfying.

Also, we had our friends over for dinner on Saturday and I didn’t embarrass myself nor (more importantly) did I embarrass my wife. There were jokes and music and wine and spilled wine and unplanned mopping of the area around the dining table, and it was fun and sometimes I forgot that there was anything other than what was happening at that moment.

Enlightened Pilot Now or Never Someone Else’s Life The Weekend

Credit: HBO

It is the normal state of play when you are married and you both work and you also want to go to the gym and you have friends and family that you want to spend time with, that the amount of hours you can devote to watching television is limited. It makes things easier if you generally agree on which shows to watch, which is the current situation with my wife and I. She may watch shows by herself (which I am forbidden to mention publicly) and I may watch Justified alone, but for the most part we watch everything together. It was my great good fortune that she became a fan of Game of Thrones as I would have hated to not be able to discuss it with her. One show we never agreed to watch was Enlightened.

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The Unnecessary Update On The Tournament Challenge Group

My invitation to join me in the Tired and Bored Group in the ESPN Tournament Challenge was a success in that it succeeded in getting one person to join my entry in the group. After the first two days, I was feeling pretty good that I was going to humiliate tljamesaz. The last two days have humbled me and I now find myself twenty points behind.

My reason for hope is that I have 1200 PPR (possible points remaining) while my competitor only has 1000. I also have Michigan State as the ultimate winner while he had Indiana. (I’m not sure who’s in better shape there.)

Best of luck, tljamesaz. I hope you finish behind me.

You Must Be Mad Or You Wouldn’t Go To Then She Fell

According to its websiteThen She Fell is an “immersive theater experience combining a hospital ward, the writings of Lewis Carroll and just 15 audience members per show”. That sums up the show, which I saw last night, better than I could. I will add that it is enjoyable and disorienting and that its probably impossible to discuss it without referring to Sleep No More.

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Saturday Afternoon Before Friends Arrive

Our friends are coming over for dinner this evening, which means much of what happens between now and when they arrive will be stressful. I have been aware of this event for over a week but no amount of preparation is sufficient to eliminate the stress. No matter how long we have known these friends, everything will have to be perfect. These are my wife’s exacting standards, which means they are also mine.

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