Jennifer and Jack

Yesterday I speculated that now that Jennifer Lawrence has won a Best Actress Oscar that her career will begin to self-destruct. (I did hope I was wrong.) Then I saw this clip from after the Oscars. I now think that Ms. Lawrence will be just fine.

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Notes From the Weekend

Last night I was able to catch up on Girls, having not watched since “One Man’s Trash”. I continue to be impressed at the end of every episode, which confuses my wife. She likes the show but she doesn’t think its as great as everybody else (including myself) thinks. (I’m glad she doesn’t read my blog and is unaware of my praise of “One Man’s Trash”. In retrospect am I embarrassed by how much I praised that episode? Maybe a little. I still think it was great, though.)

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Girls One Man’s Trash

Last Sunday’s Girls played more like a short film than an episode in the already great series, and may be the best example yet of Lena Dunham’s genius.

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You’ll Have To Put That Gun In My Cold Dead Hands

I asked my pro-gun colleague the following question: If I am carrying a gun, am I more or less likely to be involved in gun-related violence. My colleague predictably stated that I would be less likely, citing the unconventional wisdom that more armed people means less violence. (Evidently this would work as a deterrent, like the death penalty.) My point was that I am already a potential victim involving gun violence from those who have guns right now. Adding my own gun to the mix by definition can only increase the potential, for example in having my own gun used against me.

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Admitting Our Problem With Race

When I was in college, I attended a talk in which the head of the university department established to make us all more conscious about race told us that if you grew up in the US then you were racist. The speaker’s point was that it was impossible to grow up in the US (this was in the late Eighties/early Nineties) without being educated by the media and other people to believe that pink people were superior to brown people.

As you would expect at a liberal northeastern university in a liberal northeastern state, there were some immediate and passionate protests. One of my close friends was particularly outraged, no doubt assuming that his appropriations of black culture from that time period (baggy shorts, LL Cool J, “word”) exempted him from the speaker’s statement. The speaker calmly assured my friend that no, you are a racist.

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